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In order for Neptune to deliver an email, sms, push etc., it needs an provider. Neptune supports many of the popular providers, we are launching more providers with time. If you do need a provider, you can raise an issue to us we will most probably integrate it.


Providers can be managed from "Providers" section of the Dashboard. You might not prefer giving permissions to everyone to create or edit providers, but only to view.

Also note, because of security reasons, we won't show what confidential data you have inputted for a Provider. We store your keys securely in an encrypted format and only used when we need to send notifications, that too only inside internal networks.

Mapping to Providers

When you can create a provider, it won't be enough to be used while sending a notification. You also need to map Providers to an environment, and select which providers should be used in which environment.


As there is no way for you to confirm what keys you have inputted, we give a facility to test a provider.