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SendNotifications AnalyzeEvents

A CMS for all your notifications like Email, SMS, Push. View and manage all your user communication in one place. Understand user behaviour via analyzing the events which happened in your application.

Never send an email from your code anymoreStart using for free today.


Realtime view of all the events sent by your applications along with notifications sent to users, their statuses and previews. Think of it visual representation of your business events and reactions to it.


You can configure variety of notifications as a reaction to your event. Send email, sms, Fire a push notification, Call some other realtime system, Call a webhook etc.,

Mocking and Environments

During development there might be many scenarios where we actually don't want to send Push, SMS, Emails etc., Using multiple Environments and mocking, you can mock not just emails, but anything.


Neptune works as a CMS for all your notifications content. You can compile your templates, automate updating templates using your CI/CD into different environments.


Your business revolves around events, and you send notifications to users for most important of those. Neptune helps you analyze these events, and you can also use Neptune just for this too.


You can sync your users profile and contact information to Neptune. You can analyze events at users level, and your users can manage notifications settings via Neptune

Built for efficiency

We are developers who use Neptune across multiple Projects. We handled all those common cases so that you (and we) don't need to build again.

Scalable Pricing

Start using Neptune for Free and scale with Pay as you go pricing. You don't need to wait to take advantage.

Get going

No installation, no setup. Create a Team, Grab API Key, add our integration snippet and fire events.

Unlimited Team Members

Add any number of team members and control their permissions. Your entire team can enjoy Neptune.

No more Queues

Instead of managing your own queues and workers to send user communication, just fire an event to Neptune

Scalable Infrastructure

Use Neptune edge locations so that we don't become a performance bottleneck to your backend.

Analyze from Day 1

A startup or an enterprise, get insights into the user behaviour and much more from Day one

Low Code

Do Less and Get More. We are developers who love building products and want to focus on the core.


Firing events to Neptune is a start which enables you to tap into ever growing features of Neptune.

Never send an email from your code anymoreStart using for free today.