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A delivery is a notification which is sent via a channel to end user when an event is configured to send notifications.

If you configured to send an Email and Dashboard Notification for an event, when the relevant event message comes to Neptune, it sends these notifications, and these are called "deliveries". In the given example, there would be two deliveries. It's possible that delivery of email failed and delivery of dashboard notification succeeded.

Types of Deliveries

There are following types of deliveries:

  • mocked: If your environment is configured to mock, delivery won't be actually sent. Neptune would only render the content.
  • no_contact: There is no actual contact to deliver the notification. To delivery an email we need a contact type of "email". The complete list of contact types of in it's own section.
  • no_provider: In some scenarios it is possible that you might have configured notifications, but did not configure providers or didn't map to an environment.
  • pending : The delivery is queued and processed. In many cases you might not even see this status, because the processing happens as soon as you sent event
  • success : This suggest that we have used the provider to actually send the content. Note that, this doesn't mean notification is actually delivered. It only means, we were able to successful send to provider. It's possible provider might have their own statuses and queuing. You can see "Delivery Info" -> "Delivery Response" to get complete idea of the response we got from provider.
  • failed: Failed suggest that Neptune failed to contact provider. This status is possible if the provider configured rejected the call to their APIs because of invalid configuration or invalid contact infos.