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Contact Types


When an event is sent to Neptune, if there are notifications configured to be sent, Neptune needs to know to which destinations the content of the template should be delivered. For example, if Neptune should send an email, we also need to know to which email address the content should be sent.


  • email : In order for us to send email, we need "email"
  • mobile_number : In order to send "sms", we need "mobile_number"
  • firebase_token : In order to send a firebase message, we need "firebase_token"

Contact Infos

It might not be practical for you to actually send the delivery destination information with every event. To make this simple, Neptune has a feature called "Users". Along with event, you can also send "user_id" and Neptune will automatically use "contact infos" of that user to delivery required notification.

You can use Neptune's user APIs to sync your users and their contact infos. If you don't want to do that, you can communicate to save contact info against an user as part of event payload.